Arjen van der Cruijsen Lichtontwerp

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Arjen van der Cruijsen Lichtontwerp creates good light. By designing according to our philosophy: light is about you. It makes you see, be seen and wonder.


You are central to our
lighting designs.

We design according to the latest scientific insights, use daylight as much as possible and only use artificial light where necessary. So you can function optimally and we save money, energy and the environment.

Our designs consist of layers. We not only let you see what you are doing or where you are, but we also make sure that you are seen the way you want and stimulate you to look at shapes and spaces in a different way.
We ensure the correct implementation of the lighting design by carefully selecting lighting suppliers, guiding the entire implementation process and relieving you where possible.
This is how we create good light.


Who we work for

We work for governments, companies and individuals. We focus on architecture, public space, culture and leisure.

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Get to know us and discover how we can optimally illuminate your world. In a sustainable and cost efficient way.