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Light Scan: Insight into opportunities & costs before you light up your world.

The Light Scan provides a quick and cost-effective insight into where the identical and opportunities lie for your light project before you start.
Standard within 2 weeks and from EUR 1,595. 

When to use

A Light Scan provides certainty

Do you want to build or renovate sustainably? Is there a lack of (traffic) safety, is there light glare or pollution, or does the current lighting setup feel uncomfortable? Do you want better light for the health, visual comfort and performance of your employees? Are you unsure about numbers and locations? Or are the costs of the lighting too high? Then a Light Scan is the solution.

How we work

Step by step to insight in your project.

Your objectives, ambitions and wishes are our starting point. We conduct a survey among users, conduct a spatial survey on location and map out personal and opportunities. In addition, we make recommendations and provide insight into the associated investment costs and possible subsidies.
We provide the results in a clear and concise report.

With the Light Scan you have all the information you need to start or optimize a sustainable and cost efficient lighting design.

Light Scan components

Delivered in a clear and concise digital report. Ready for action.

Goals, wishes and

User Survey


Challenges &


Budget and

Request a Light Scan

Insight within two weeks and starting from 1,595 euro.